Twelve Tips for Parent-Child Interviews
June 1997

“Twelve Tips for Parent-Child Interviews,” Ensign, June 1997, 59

Twelve Tips for Parent-Child Interviews

  1. Hold interviews regularly. If children know an interview is coming up, they will be more likely to conduct themselves so as to live up to parental expectations.

  2. Remember that mothers and fathers can interview children jointly or take turns giving interviews separately. Either one can hold an interview in the absence of the other.

  3. Pray beforehand for the Spirit to help you discern problems and know how to counsel your children.

  4. Begin with a prayer. Heavenly Father cares about your interview and will help guide the process.

  5. Be prepared to listen more than you speak.

  6. Don’t compare one child with another.

  7. When behavior needs correcting, give a clear but loving explanation of what’s wrong and what needs to change.

  8. Agree together what words best describe each problem; then write the problem on a sheet of paper. Direct any criticism to the words on the paper, not to the child.

  9. Don’t compromise gospel standards “just this once” out of love for your children. Instead, use gospel standards to guide your decisions.

  10. Don’t discuss one child’s problems with other children. Keep confidences.

  11. Praise each child generously and cheerfully.

  12. Bear your testimony often.

  • Steven B. Glade, a Gospel Doctrine teacher in the Valley Vista Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Lone Mountain Stake, compiled these tips with the help of the high priests group of the former Las Vegas 36th Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Stake.