June 1997

“Comment,” Ensign, June 1997, 80


Not Alone

Four weeks before the January Ensign arrived, my beloved husband of more than 20 years revealed to me that he was dealing with feelings of same-sex attraction and had been dealing with them his entire life. To say I was stunned and heartbroken is an understatement.

It was with great interest that we read “Becoming Whole Again.” Alas, my husband does not feel the information applies to him. However, I applaud your sensitivity in printing this timely article. As painful as this experience is, I am comforted by knowing that I am not alone.

My testimony of the love of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has significantly increased during this painful period. Perhaps now, for the first time in my life, I am more able to understand sacrifice and Christlike love—sacrifice of my personal goals relating to an eternal marriage, and Christlike love for an individual, regardless of his choices and actions.

Name Withheld

Instructing with Consistency

I’m a fairly consistent reader of news and professional magazines, and I don’t know of any magazine that better accomplishes what I perceive to be its mission or more effectively covers its chosen subject matter than the Ensign does. The articles are well written, and they instruct and inspire with a remarkable degree of consistency. You’ve provided insights on difficult challenges faced in reality by Church members but which are sometimes avoided. I believe our brothers and sisters who are suffering through the heartaches of children with addictions or coping with single parenthood in a family-honoring church or struggling with any of the myriad of vicissitudes of today’s life should receive much help and support from Church publications.

Steven D. Kohlert
Salt Lake City, Utah