Please Heal Leif
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“Please Heal Leif,” Ensign, Mar. 1997, 65

Please Heal Leif

One day in November 1989 I received a telephone call from the principal of the school where three of our children attend. She explained that Leif, our youngest child, had been walking along a railing and had fallen off, hitting his head on the concrete below.

When I arrived at the school, the principal told me that Leif was drifting in and out of consciousness and that the school staff had been so concerned that they had summoned an ambulance. I found my little son lying on a couch in a fetal position. He would answer only when spoken to, and occasionally his eyes rolled back in his head. He lay very still. However, I felt very calm as I waited for the ambulance.

When the paramedics arrived, they checked Leif over carefully, administered oxygen to him, splinted his neck, and placed him on a stretcher. He was limp and passive. On the way to the hospital, as I sat holding my son’s hand, it came to me that what Leif needed most was a priesthood blessing. Yet there was no one to ask; the Church then was not well established on our small island in British Columbia. Even if I could reach my husband, Ted, it would take two hours for him to arrive. So, as I sat there, I bowed my head and offered a prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to please heal Leif.

Within moments Leif began to stir. He pushed away the nose prongs that were delivering oxygen to him, saying he did not want them anymore. He uncurled from the fetal position and turned to lie flat on his back.

We arrived at the hospital where a concerned doctor was waiting for us. Leif was placed on a hospital bed in the emergency room and responded cheerfully as the doctor examined him and tested his reflexes. Soon Leif sat up on the edge of the bed laughing and chatting with the hospital staff. The contrast to his earlier behavior amazed everyone.

All of Leif’s reflexes tested normal, and because he seemed to be feeling fine, the doctor said I could take him home. After we arrived home, I called the school and thanked them for their care and concern and let them know that Leif seemed to be okay and might be back in class the next day. The school principal could hardly believe Leif was all right.

This experience strengthened my testimony that Father in Heaven does indeed hear and answer our prayers. He comforts us in our extremities and, according to our faith and his wisdom, bestows marvelous blessings.