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“Contents,” Ensign, Mar. 1997, 1


March 1997

Volume 27 Number 3

On the cover: Front: Photo by Steve Bunderson. Back: Photo by Michael Van Dorn.

Inside front cover: Pioneers at the River, by Thomas Fogarty, watercolor, 10.5″ x 15.5″, year unknown. Courtesy of Elder Hugh W. Pinnock. Ox teams were a common sight along the pioneer trail. Chosen for the arduous task because of their strength and stamina, oxen were a valued part of the pioneer experience. At river crossings, women and children at times stayed in the wagons while men guided the ox teams and wagons across the rivers.

Inside back cover: Nauvoo Remembered, quilt by Janice P. Dawson, 70″ x 49.5″, 1996. Courtesy of Museum of Church History and Art International Art Competition. Scenes spanning the Saints’ seven years in Nauvoo are represented on this impressive storytelling quilt.