Members Survive Earthquake, Flooding
February 1997

“Members Survive Earthquake, Flooding,” Ensign, Feb. 1997, 79

Members Survive Earthquake, Flooding

The homes of nearly 100 Church members in Peru were destroyed in an earthquake that occurred in November 1996. All missionaries and members were reported safe, and there were no reports of damage to Church property. Homeless members were sheltered in Church meetinghouses and in tents provided by fast-offering funds. The Church also distributed powdered milk, plastic coverings, and blankets.

An estimated 100 to 300 people were killed in the quake.

Also in November 1996, heavy rains caused major flooding in northern Honduras. More than 300 members there were reportedly forced from their homes; 11 members’ homes were destroyed and 8 more were seriously damaged. All members and missionaries were reported safe, but 4 Church meetinghouses were damaged and 2 rented meetinghouses were destroyed. One Church meetinghouse was used as an emergency shelter, and food, drinking water, and blankets were provided. Two members were among the doctors who provided medical assistance.

Some 4,500 families in Honduras were evacuated from their homes, and five people were killed by the flooding.