My Car Was on Fire!
February 1997

“My Car Was on Fire!” Ensign, Feb. 1997, 69

My Car Was on Fire!

I had attended a stake meeting 60 miles away and was on the final stretch home down a dark and lonely country road when I noticed a strange flickering light moving down the road at the side of my car. Suddenly I realized my car was on fire!

“Help me, please!” I cried out heavenward. My first thought was to stop and jump out, but I immediately felt impressed not to abandon the car. It was our only transportation. My husband had to travel 50 miles to work each day, and the loss of the car would mean the loss of his job.

As I prayed for help, I felt a flow of comfort throughout my entire body. My mind was enveloped in total peace. A very clear thought filled my mind: Drive to Brownie’s Garage. I felt so calm that even with flames coming out from under my car, I was able to drive the three miles to the crossroads where the only open businesses within 50 miles could be found.

When I got to the garage, I jumped out of the car and started to run toward the building. Then I stopped, realizing it was nearly 11:00 P.M. and the business would be closed! Why had I come here? I turned and looked at my car. The entire underside of the vehicle, from front to back, was engulfed in flames.

As I stood there in shock, a man came running toward me. He was the son of the store owner across the highway and had driven up to the crossroads from the opposite direction at the same moment I arrived.

“Just a minute,” he called, running to the closed garage. He pulled a spare key from a hiding place and opened the door. Inside he quickly found a fire extinguisher, and in moments he had the fire out. Much to my surprise, the car started easily, and after thanking the young man for his help, I was soon home.

The next day when my husband inspected the car, there was only the blackened underside of the car to remind us of the fire. We could find nothing wrong. The cause of the fire remained a mystery, and we drove the car many miles each day without further trouble. Not only had I been blessed with comfort and safety, but my car had also been protected. Since that day, I have tried to stay worthy of being led by the Spirit, knowing that spiritual preparation brings a multitude of blessings, including help and guidance in our times of need.

  • Faye Vollmer serves as a substitute Sunday School teacher in the Dayton Ward, Preston Idaho North Stake.