Family Times—New Church TV Series Produced
January 1997

Family Times—New Church TV Series Produced,” Ensign, Jan. 1997, 76

Family Times—New Church TV Series Produced

A new television series produced by the Church’s Public Affairs Department focuses on the challenges facing families and practical solutions to those challenges. Family Times, a half-hour show, promotes many of the good things families are doing and helps them make choices in today’s society. “The series looks at contemporary life from an everyday viewpoint and offers something for every family member,” explained William S. Evans, assistant executive producer of the series. “Family Times offers simple, practical tips on a wide variety of daily family challenges such as family communication, finance, and unity. At Family Times, we know life’s challenges never go away. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

Currently, 26 segments of Family Times are available, with another 13 in production. The show, which follows a newsmagazine format, has two television hosts and offers advice for viewers on everything from selecting art that teaches values for their homes to planning successful family reunions.

The show airs on the cable television network Odyssey and is also available for broadcast on other cable networks, according to Don Russell, Church Public Affairs media marketing manager.