January 1997

“Comment,” Ensign, Jan. 1997, 80


Early Texas Colonies

“Giving a Texas Welcome” (Ensign, Oct. 1996) says that the Latter-day Saint colony near Kelsey was the first LDS colony in Texas. Actually, the Kelsey colony is one of the earliest surviving colonies established by the Church in Texas. In the 1840s, an LDS colony was established by Church members prior to the Kelsey colony; the site is now at the bottom of Medina Lake (northwest of San Antonio).

William R. Harrison
San Antonio, Texas

“What about Abstinence?”

Thank you for printing “What about Abstinence?” (Sept. 1996). What a powerful message!

Vicki Casto
Scott Depot, West Virginia


I’m writing in response to “Temple Square’s Early Warm Welcome” (Feb. 1996).

The Bureau of Information was established under the direction of President Lorenzo Snow in 1900. He appointed my father, Ephraim Jensen, who had just returned from his mission on the Boston Common, to be in charge of Temple Square and start the Bureau of Information. He also wrote and distributed the Bureau’s first tract, entitled “What Shall a Man Do to Be Saved?” This account was written in his journal.

Phyllis Jensen Dunnigan
Salt Lake City, Utah