My Lesson in Mechanics—and Faith
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“My Lesson in Mechanics—and Faith,” Ensign, July 1996, 67

My Lesson in Mechanics—and Faith

Soon after my family and I joined the Church, our life seemed to be running on pure faith. The budget was very tight. Both my husband and I were busy fulfilling our Church callings, and our three children kept us on the go constantly. Our old car often needed repairs, and we worried constantly about the cost.

One Saturday my husband, Tom, looked after the boys while I left to run a long list of errands. I’ll just dash in and out of the stores and make quick work of this list, I thought. At the first signal light my engine stalled. I didn’t think too much about it until it stalled again at the next light. Then it began to die even upon deceleration.

My heart ached. How could we handle another repair bill? Would the garage even take us on their busiest day of the week? “Please, Heavenly Father, be mindful of our difficulties,” I cried out loud, tears streaming down my cheeks. “We can’t afford more car repair bills.” I felt a sweet assurance prompting me to go to the garage we generally used near the shopping center where I was headed. I felt relieved and decided to run my errands, then go over to the garage.

But when the car stalled again and I was strongly impressed to go immediately to the garage, I knew the Spirit was directing me. I immediately put aside my plans and headed for the garage.

I was only a short block away from the garage by then. As I slowed down to turn into the parking lot, my engine stalled yet again. I coasted to the curb by the service department, where a young man and his wife had just emerged. He heard my engine stall and literally leaped toward my still rolling car. When it came to a stop, he threw open the hood and stuck his head inside. Alarmed, I got out to see what he was up to.

“See this little valve here?” he was saying. “That’s your trouble. I have the same model car, and I just paid them sixty dollars to have them adjust mine. And I want to save you the expense.” As he performed the needed adjustment, I gratefully watched and rehearsed the procedure in my mind.

On that day I felt our Heavenly Father’s love envelop me. I drove away, engine purring, eyes wet with new tears.

Illustrated by Robert McKay