Beyond a Monthly Visit

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“Beyond a Monthly Visit,” Ensign, Apr. 1996, 70

Beyond a Monthly Visit

My visiting teaching companion and I have made an extra effort to get to know the four sisters we’ve been assigned to visit each month. Of the four, only one is fully active. To cultivate friendships with each of them, we visit these sisters at least once a month, remember their birthdays with a card or small gift, and occasionally phone them.

In addition, every three months or so we plan an activity for the six of us to participate in together. One evening we rented a movie and popped popcorn. Another time we went to a local ice cream store for a sundae. We even planned an afternoon luncheon for all of us.

Each of these special activities has helped us develop closer friendships, for we often sit and chat afterward about our families, hobbies, and sometimes our own challenges. Establishing these special friendships with each of them has blessed us all and, for the less-active sisters, may one day serve as a stepping-stone when they are ready to become more involved in church.—Maria Jones, West Jordan, Utah