“Contents,” Ensign, Apr. 1996, 1


    April 1996

    Volume 26 Number 4

    On the cover: Jesus Christ Visits the Americas, by John Scott, oil on canvas, 47″ x 122″, 1969.

    Inside front cover: The Bountiful Utah Temple, by Roger A. Cushing, watercolor, 20″ x 28″, 1995. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cushing. Located on the eastern bench above the city of Bountiful, Utah, this temple was dedicated by President Howard W. Hunter. Twenty-eight dedicatory sessions took place from 8 January to 14 January 1995.

    Inside back cover: Family Reunion, by Lucille P. Booth, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″, 1987. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. J. Garth Payne. “The strength of the nations lies in the homes of the people. God is the designer of the family. He intended that the greatest of happiness, the most satisfying aspects of life, the deepest joys should come in our associations together and our concerns one for another as fathers and mothers and children” (President Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign, May 1991, p. 74).