An Eternal Family Exhibit
March 1996

“An Eternal Family Exhibit,” Ensign, Mar. 1996, 71

An Eternal Family Exhibit

Dutch painter and wood sculptor Johannes Mollemans designed, constructed, and painted a large exhibit that the Church has been showing at trade fairs and shows throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A banner across the display reads, “Starke familien halten die welt zusammen,” which translates as “Strong families hold the world together.”

“Through my art,” Brother Mollemans says, “I hope to show exhibit visitors that joy can begin here on earth and continue in heaven. We can consciously elect to live happily forever as a family.”

Centered around a figure that represents the Savior, the exhibit depicts several scenes of family life. Brother Mollemans first created a miniature model of the exhibit and then made full-size patterns, which he traced onto construction board and cut out, sanded, and painted white. These simple, outlined figures appear against a blue and gold background. Several panels cover nearly all the rectangular exhibit’s wall space.

“If there is anything good about my work,” says Brother Mollemans, “it is because God has given me skill and inspiration. Whenever I paint, I feel very close to the Spirit.”

A former bishop in Holland, Johannes lives with his wife, Maria, in Friedrichsdorf, near Frankfurt, Germany.—Paul and Shirlee Conners, Frankfurt, Germany