Utah Centennial Celebration
March 1996

“Utah Centennial Celebration,” Ensign, Mar. 1996, 78

Utah Centennial Celebration

Utah celebrated its centennial anniversary on 4 January 1996, and President Gordon B. Hinckley participated in those activities, speaking during a reenactment of the statehood announcement and attending an evening gala celebration.

“Today we begin a new century building on the solid foundation laid by those who have gone before,” President Hinckley told a capacity crowd gathered at the Tabernacle on Temple Square for the inaugural reenactment. “They planned wisely and built well. This remarkable edifice in which we meet is an example of their work. …

“As we move into another century we must resolve to live together in a society of men and women of diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures. We must live with respect and tolerance and understanding for one another. We can and should retain our individuality and respect [the individuality] of others, while nurturing together a great society dedicated to the blessing of all who reside here.”

Thousands gather at the Tabernacle to celebrate Utah’s centennial. (Photo by Welden Andersen.)