Together We Can Make a Difference

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“Together We Can Make a Difference,” Ensign, Feb. 1996, 68

“Together We Can Make a Difference”

While Dolina Smith was serving as Young Women president in the Toronto Ontario Stake in 1986, she asked an expert to speak at a fireside about the growing problem of pornography. Later she became involved with a nationwide group called Canadians for Decency, which mobilizes thousands of anti-pornography Canadians to contact their elected officials as specific concerns about pornography arise.

Eight years ago Sister Smith directed the group’s White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) week, during which white ribbons and statements of concern about pornography were sent to members of parliament. In 1990 her involvement increased when she was named chairperson of Canadians for Decency. In this new role she has given numerous presentations before the provincial and federal governing bodies that make and change pornography laws. She has also spoken to many groups of citizens who work with local governments to clamp down on the spread of pornography in their communities.

“Together we can make a difference,” Sister Smith told six hundred Catholic women in Sarnia, Ontario, in May 1995.—Donald S. Conkey, Willowdale, Ontario