December 1995

“Comment,” Ensign, Dec. 1995, 72


Willden Fort Predated Cove Fort

When I received the June 1995 Ensign with Cove Fort on the cover, I was delighted because my ancestors, Charles William Willden and his family, built the original fort on the location and lived there from 1860 to 1865. Yet, upon reading the article, I was disappointed to find no mention of the earlier fort.

Charles and his son Ellott built a home on Cove Creek in the fall of 1860. The adobe house, and later a corral and an eight- to-ten-foot cedar post stockade, were located just northeast of the current Cove Fort. Known as Fort Willden, the complex of structures served as a stopping place between Fillmore and Beaver for a period before the larger Cove Fort was built.

Valerie A. Evensen
Mesa, Arizona

Saints in Iceland

I read with interest the article about the Saints in Iceland (July 1995), which noted that missionary activity resumed in 1975. I was a member of the U.S. Navy stationed at the NATO base in Keflavík, Iceland, from November 1964 to November 1966. At this time, we attended the Keflavík Iceland Branch. If I remember correctly, we were part of the British Mission or District. There were approximately thirty members, including four or five families. I served as counselor to two branch presidents while there.

In April 1965, my wife, Jo Ann, and I and our infant son, Jody, were sealed in the temple. We were the first members of the Church from Iceland to be sealed in a temple (the London Temple) since 1945.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity of serving in the “Land of Frost and Fire.” I thoroughly enjoyed the country and the beautiful citizens. I’m happy to see the growth of the Church in Iceland and hope that maybe we helped lay some groundwork there.

Gerald Sedrick
Rigby, Idaho

Inside and Back Cover Art

I love the Latter-day Saint art on your inside and back covers. It is beautiful, and I always reflect as I read the lines about the art. It enhances my appreciation of the events that afford me this great heritage.

Kathleen VanDijk
American Fork, Utah