Preservation Work on Two Temples

“Preservation Work on Two Temples,” Ensign, Sept. 1995, 80

Preservation Work on Two Temples

Major exterior preservation projects at the Logan and Manti Temples have been announced by the First Presidency.

The projects will include replacement or restoration of deteriorating stone, repair of mortar joints, and stripping, repair, and painting of woodwork on windows. The two projects are expected to take more than a year to complete.

Located on the eastern bench of Logan in northern Utah, the Logan Temple was completed in 1884. It was the second temple completed in Utah after the Latter-day Saints pioneers settled in Utah. The sandstone parapets, buttresses, water tables, and window wells will be restored and, in some cases, replaced. The dark quartzite and siliceous limestone walls are in need of cleaning and mortar repair.

The Manti Temple, in central Utah’s Sanpete Valley, was completed in 1888. It was the third temple completed by the pioneer Saints. The exterior of the temple is a cream-colored oolite limestone taken from a nearby quarry, which will also supply replacement stones for the more weatherworn portions of the building’s exterior.

Both temples underwent extensive interior renovation and restoration in recent years. They will continue normal operating schedules during the exterior preservation work.