Home Evening—Primarily by the Book
December 1994

“Home Evening—Primarily by the Book,” Ensign, Dec. 1994, 59

Home Evening—Primarily by the Book

Our ten-year-old twins have a number of speech and learning problems, and it is sometimes difficult to find family home evening games, stories, and visual aids they enjoy and that keep their interest. One day, I realized that I had overlooked a valuable resource—the Primary manuals. I immediately looked through a manual from the class my sons had attended the year before; I found stories, games, and crafts the twins loved and remembered. When I found that our other children also enjoyed the Primary-lesson activities, I purchased a few manuals to use as permanent resource books. (You can also check out manuals from your meetinghouse library.)

Now we regularly use ideas from the Primary manuals in our home evenings. But I am careful never to take away from a teacher’s presentation by choosing something from a lesson before he or she teaches it. Instead, I reinforce what my children have already learned.—Susan Pfeifer, North Ogden, Utah

Photography by Matthew Reier

Illustrated by Phyllis Luch