Knowing the Need
December 1994

“Knowing the Need,” Ensign, Dec. 1994, 55–56

Knowing the Need

Like many quiet examples of goodness, Roberta Hill of the Cedaredge Ward, Montrose Colorado Stake, rarely calls attention to herself. She goes about serving others without fanfare, often unknown to any but those who are directly involved.

She and her husband, Bill, maintained a large yard for many years, yet she still found time to work in the yard of a woman with cancer, a sister in the ward whom she visit taught. In addition to the women she is assigned to visit, Roberta has managed to visit others, and she is often Bill’s home teaching partner when he needs one.

Always alert to others’ needs, Roberta doesn’t ask how she can be of help, nor does she offer help idly. For one family, whose three children have learning disabilities, she arranged for a trip to a pizza parlor, a visit to a llama farm, and birthday T-shirts.

One sister had suffered a debilitating stroke, making it difficult for her to dress herself. Roberta designed and sewed a dress that allows the woman to dress herself more easily.

Whether Roberta Hill brings fresh vegetables from her garden, a homemade gift, or just her bright personal warmth, others feel her sincerity and her love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.—Jane McBride Choate, Loveland, Colorado

Photo by Matthew Reier