Dinner One-on-One

    “Dinner One-on-One,” Ensign, Oct. 1994, 72

    Dinner One-on-One

    My husband and I feel it is important to spend individual time with each of our children. We used to treat each child to a special night out on a regular basis. But as our family grew and our budget seemed to shrink, it became increasingly difficult to continue this practice.

    Then we hit upon an idea that solved a lot of problems. Instead of dining out, we prepared a special dinner at home. Our children responded so well that dining in has become a family tradition. Here’s how it works.

    While the rest of the family eats dinner in the dining room, the selected child and one parent go into another part of the house to enjoy a quiet dinner and private conversation. We often use the breakfast nook as our special area, but selecting a unique place to eat can be part of the fun. You can try eating at a card table, having a picnic in the backyard, or even spreading a blanket on the floor and pretending you’re camping.

    Dining in has been very beneficial to our family. Not only are we able to stay within our budget, but these special nights give us the opportunity to build closer relationships with each of our children.—Geanie M. Roake, South Jordan, Utah