New Church Curriculum Materials Now Available
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“New Church Curriculum Materials Now Available,” Ensign, Oct. 1994, 74–75

New Church Curriculum Materials Now Available

The Church produces curriculum materials for families and Church units all over the world. The curriculum, which consists of three phases, is simple, flexible, and designed to accommodate members in all economic, educational, and cultural circumstances. New curriculum materials and instructions on how they are to be used are available for the 1995 calendar year.

The Church publishes curriculum materials to help members learn and live the gospel; the scriptures and words of the living prophets are the foundation of the curriculum.

The home is the center for gospel learning and living. All members are encouraged to have the scriptures and the words of the living prophets in their homes. In addition, the following basic materials are available for supplemental use in individual and family study.

Gospel Fundamentals (for use in non-English-speaking areas where the Church has only recently been introduced)

Gospel Principles manual

—Church magazines

Family Guidebook

—Gospel Art Picture Kit

—Scripture readers

For the Strength of Youth

Hymns, 1985

Children’s Songbook

Family Home Evening Resource Book

Truth Restored

A Parent’s Guide

The curriculum for use in any particular Church unit is based on that unit’s needs and the availability of materials in each language.

Phase 1 curriculum is used where the Church has only recently been introduced. Materials used in phase 1 include Gospel Fundamentals, The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Testimony (a pamphlet), the scriptures, and messages of the First Presidency. These materials are made available as they are translated.

In this phase, children under twelve years of age meet together for gospel instruction. Youth and adult members meet together in gospel instruction classes. For priesthood and women’s meetings, the brethren and sisters separate to conduct priesthood business, discuss their duties, and plan activities, including service they can provide.

Phase 2 curriculum is used in areas where the Church is still new to the area or in areas where the Church has only recently begun translating materials into a new language. In areas using phase 2 curriculum, units are large enough to divide members into classes for gospel instruction. Phase 2 curriculum may also be used where the Church is well established if that better meets local needs.

In this phase, Primary children ages three through eleven are taught from the same manual. However, depending on the number of children and availability of teachers and space, the children can be appropriately divided into classes. Members twelve and older study the scriptures using the Gospel Principles or Gospel Doctrine manual. These members may also be divided into classes according to local needs and circumstances.

Priesthood quorums all receive instruction from the same manual; they may meet together or separately, depending upon numbers and classroom space. However, as the Aaronic Priesthood 1 manual becomes available in an area, the young men may also be taught from these lessons. Young Women and Relief Society classes also use the same manual and can meet together or separately. Young Women leaders may also use the Young Women 1 manual as it becomes available.

Phase 3 curriculum is for use in areas where the Church is well established. Children eighteen months through three years of age are taught from the Primary 1 manual. However, where numbers are sufficiently large, the three-year-olds should ideally meet in a separate class.

Children ages four through seven are all taught from either the Primary 2 or 3 manual on alternating years. Children eight through eleven are taught from the Primary 4, 5, 6, and 7 manuals, each based on the scriptures and coordinated with Gospel Doctrine study; but they will all be taught from the same manual each year. (Primary manuals are titled Primary 1: I Am a Child of God; Primary 2: Choose the Right A; Primary 3: Choose the Right B; Primary 4: Book of Mormon; Primary 5: D&C and Church History; Primary 6: Old Testament; and Primary 7: New Testament.) Deacons, teachers, and priests are taught from the same manual each year using the Aaronic Priesthood 1, 2, and 3 manuals on a three-year cycle. All Young Women classes are taught from the same manual each year using the Young Women 1, 2, and 3 manuals on a three-year cycle. Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society both have four study guides used on a four-year cycle.

During Sunday School, all youth ages twelve and thirteen are taught from either the Presidents of the Church manual or Preparing for Exaltation manual on alternating years. Youth ages fourteen and older and adults will attend either a Gospel Principles or Gospel Doctrine class using the Gospel Principles and Gospel Doctrine manuals respectively as resources to study the scriptures. The four Gospel Doctrine manuals, covering the standard works, will continue to rotate over a four-year cycle.

There is a set schedule for the use of certain manuals in specific calendar years.

A modified Church curriculum was implemented in all international areas of the Church and in non-English-speaking units in the United States and Canada in 1993. With this present announcement, however, all units throughout the Church will be following the same modified curriculum plan in 1995.

The new curriculum plan does not affect activity programs where instructions will continue to be given in handbooks, bulletins, and notices.

“We look forward to increased effectiveness and inspiration in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to all members throughout the world,” said the First Presidency in an April 21 letter to leaders announcing the upcoming curriculum change.

The Church has released new curriculum materials designed for use in the home and in Church units throughout the world.