Mission after Mission
April 1994

“Mission after Mission,” Ensign, Apr. 1994, 70

Mission after Mission

Roses border the driveway leading to the home of Pauline Ligon in the Penn Valley Ward, Auburn California Stake. Pauline enjoys preserving the fruits and vegetables she grows in her garden, and all year violets bloom in her window box.

Pauline’s love of people is no less evident than her love of nature. In November 1984, she accepted a mission call to proselyte for twelve months in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. During her mission she turned seventy-one but managed to keep pace with her young companions.

Strengthened by her full-time mission, Pauline began a stake mission within three months of her release. She and her companion worked with less-active single members and part-member families. “We gained many enduring friendships,” she says of the three-year experience, “and helped many find their way back to the fold and into the temple.”

Pauline recently served a second stake mission and is a single adult representative in her ward.—Dorothy Varney, Grass Valley, California