Vernal Utah Tabernacle to Become a Temple
April 1994

“Vernal Utah Tabernacle to Become a Temple,” Ensign, Apr. 1994, 79

Vernal Utah Tabernacle to Become a Temple

The following letter of announcement was read on Sunday, February 13, 1994, in the Vernal Utah Glines Stake conference and in all sacrament meetings in the Vernal and Roosevelt Utah Regions:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As you are aware, there has been much discussion over a period of many years concerning what to do with the old Uintah Tabernacle in Vernal. The building has not been occupied for a long period and is in serious disrepair.

There is much of sentiment attached to the building. However, extensive engineering and architectural studies have indicated that it would be extremely costly to restore and that no ecclesiastical need exists for it.

After giving prayerful consideration to the matter and following extensive study, we have concluded to use the shell of the building, restoring its original outside appearance and creating within it a beautiful temple. Additional needed space will be gained by excavating the area around the east end of the tabernacle. By so doing the original aspect of the historic structure will be preserved.

Under this proposal the temple needs of the faithful Saints in the area will be met and the exterior of the old building will be preserved as a memorial to the faithful people who built it with much sacrifice almost a century ago.

We have discussed this proposal with the stake presidents of the area, who have expressed their endorsement of it. We hope that it will be warmly received by members of the Church and the entire community.

Sincerely your brethren,

The First Presidency

Vernal Temple

Artist’s rendering of Vernal Temple