Sharing the Spirit on Tape
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“Sharing the Spirit on Tape,” Ensign, Feb. 1994, 73

Sharing the Spirit on Tape

One year my husband hinted that he would like recordings of the scriptures on cassette tapes for Christmas. He wanted to listen to something uplifting during his 45-minute drive to work. As I thought about his request I had an idea. Instead of buying prerecorded tapes, I would make a personalized set of scripture tapes for our family. Every day when my little son took his afternoon nap, I got out my tape recorder and made a recording of myself reading aloud chapters from the Book of Mormon. When my husband opened his Christmas gift, he was eager to start listening to the tapes.

After recording the first four tapes, I continued to rerecord new messages for him on these same tapes. I now fill cassette tapes not only with scriptures but also with articles from the Ensign. I play and record pieces of music and include comments about happenings of the day. I look forward to the quiet time I can spend sharing these things with my husband, and he enjoys listening. When he hears the tapes, he can feel the Spirit as I did during those recording sessions. It has been a wonderful experience for both of us.—Claudia Bill, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Photo courtesy of The New Era

Illustrated by Dave McDonald

Photography by Matthew Reier