The Answer
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“The Answer,” Ensign, Feb. 1994, 39

The Answer

I wasn’t really interested in the Church. I listened to the missionary discussions only to find out what a friend believed. But when the missionaries asked me to pray about whether or not the Church was true, the situation got serious. I felt I needed someone objective to talk to, someone outside the Church.

I thought about talking with my minister. I was not a member of any specific denomination, but I did enjoy the Christian church I had been attending. The minister and his wife had been good to me, and I respected him as a man of God.

Surely, he could give me some direction, I thought as I put on my coat.

As I was about to leave, I was impressed to pray about the matter. The feeling was so strong that I acted immediately, without question.

I closed the door, knelt by my bed, and asked Heavenly Father to guide me as I talked to my minister. I prayed that I might receive an answer about what the missionaries had told me.

After ending my prayer, I rose to my feet and again prepared to depart. However, another strong feeling came—that I should not see the minister. I felt that mortal advice could not solve my problem. When I needed truthful answers, I was to turn to the Lord in prayer.

Without further thought, I took off my coat and set about completing my morning tasks.

After more prayer and study, my answer did come. A burning sensation within me testified to the truthfulness of the gospel, and I was baptized.

When my testimony was firmly rooted, I visited my former minister and related to him my experiences. As I politely listened to his opinions, I felt thankful that I had chosen to let the still, small voice guide me instead.