“Contents,” Ensign, Aug. 1993, 1


August 1993

Volume 23 Number 8

On the cover: Photo by Craig Dimond.

Inside front cover: Some Must Push, by Glen S. Hopkinson, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″, 1991. As the pioneers journeyed across the plains and throughout the Rocky Mountains, they often forded streams, as depicted here, pushing and struggling with their wagons. Helping one another with their loads, as well as bearing one another’s burdens, was a way of life.

Inside back cover: Temple Block, circa 1896, photo by The Johnson Company. Courtesy of LDS Church Archives. Although the temple grounds have changed appearance through the years, they have always evoked a sense of holy sanctuary and reverential awe. This early view of Temple Square, taken a few years after the Salt Lake Temple dedication, depicts (left to right) the Assembly Hall, the Tabernacle, and the Salt Lake Temple. Brigham Young’s statue stands in the midst of gardens and walkways to the south of the temple. East of the statue is the Meridian House, where geographic readings were taken; this building was also used by Orson Pratt as an observatory. The small building to the southeast of the temple is the gatehouse.