Earthly Care and Heavenly Love
July 1993

“Earthly Care and Heavenly Love,” Ensign, July 1993, 68–69

Earthly Care and Heavenly Love

“I’ve always loved the elderly,” says Trudy Bunderson, age thirty, of the Adams Park Ward, Logan Utah Central Stake. “They have so much to teach us, with their full lives and their hearts of gold.”

Trudy’s are not idle, idealistic words. She has worked as an aide in the Logan Valley Nursing Home for the past three years, and she also works nights at Sunshine Terrace, another home for the elderly.

Her parents, Nedra Jean and the late Ross Bunderson, inspired Trudy’s desire to care for older people. “My parents have always thought of others, and they set a wonderful example for me as I grew up,” says Trudy.

Trudy further serves people by going to the temple. When she received her own endowments in June 1986, she set goals to do a certain amount of temple work.

She attends the temple weekly and has done a variety of ordinance work there in the past seven years. Since committing herself to do so, Trudy has participated in more than 7,315 name extractions, 244 endowments, 16,400 baptisms, 683 sealings, and 1,341 initiatory ordinances for the dead.

“During the years of regular temple attendance,” Trudy says, “I have had very distinct confirmations of how anxiously those who’ve departed await the performance of these earthly ordinances. It is a continuous joy to do this sacred work.”

Trudy Bunderson has discovered the joy of working with the elderly. (Photo by Welden Andersen.)