Where Had I Found Her Name?

“Where Had I Found Her Name?” Ensign, Oct. 1992, 45

Where Had I Found Her Name?

As a visiting teaching supervisor, I felt a particular concern for the less-active sisters in our ward. I frequently prayed and asked the Lord to help me know how to let these sisters know we still cared about them. We sent them copies of our Relief Society newsletter to keep them informed of our activities. We also had active sisters write a monthly note to these sisters.

One night as I was using a ward roster to prepare a visiting teaching chart for our Relief Society president, I found an unfamiliar name and address of a sister within our ward boundaries. I thought it strange that I had not seen her name before, and I felt impressed that she should receive letters from a specific sister in our ward.

When I suggested this to our president, she agreed and made the assignment. However, after several months, there was still no response to the letters. Finally, the sister writing enclosed a self-addressed, stamped envelope and asked the less-active sister if she would like to continue receiving letters. When the return letter came, this less-active sister explained that a few years earlier she had committed transgressions and Church disciplinary action had been necessary. Since then, she had felt hurt and bitter. However, now she would welcome a monthly letter.

Shortly after this happened, as I was typing a new visiting teaching roster, I realized this less-active sister’s name was no longer on our ward roster. I looked through old ward lists in my desk, but I could not find her name anywhere. I called the Relief Society president and ward clerk, but neither of them had any information. Where had I found her name and address? It became apparent to me that they had come from the Lord.

A few weeks later, I awoke from a sound sleep at 2:00 A.M. with the strong impression that I should write to this less-active sister immediately and tell her of the experience I had had with her name and address. I felt the Spirit very strongly telling me what to write.

About a week after I mailed the letter, I received a phone call from this sister. She told me that for a long time she had been convinced that the Lord no longer knew she existed. But then my letter came and she knew she had not been forgotten. This sister has now returned to activity in the Church.

  • Susan Wyman is the seminary teacher in the Canton Branch, Marietta Georgia East Stake.