A Voice of Gladness

“A Voice of Gladness,” Ensign, Oct. 1992, 26–27

A Voice of Gladness

As a handicapped woman living in the Philippines, I have difficulty speaking. But reading the Book of Mormon gave me a testimony that if I would be righteous and not hold back from joining Church activities, I would be understood. It is true. As I bear my testimony or answer questions in the classroom, my speech is clear. I believe that I have received a gift of tongues.

I am very thankful to my Heavenly Father that he picks me up when I am sad. How nice it is to be with Heavenly Father! When I ponder the Book of Mormon, I receive peace of mind, feel younger, and have a sharper memory—especially in answering questions pertaining to the Lord. I also find it easier to understand the Bible and, most of all, to obey the commandments.

Now that I am no longer a stranger and a foreigner (see Eph. 2:19), I try to be a good missionary, especially to my family. Not long ago my sister came to Manila and told me that some of our family members have joined the Church. How marvelous was that day! I water my face with my tears that my broken-hearted prayers to our Heavenly Father have been heard.

I hope and pray that I can always follow what the Lord says. As I ponder the Book of Mormon, my life becomes more complete.