Church Growth in Tour Areas
October 1991

“Church Growth in Tour Areas,” Ensign, Oct. 1991, 37

Church Growth in Tour Areas

Germany—36,000 members, 16 stakes, and 2 temples (in Frankfurt and Freiberg). The above total includes the area formerly known as the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), where approximately 4,500 members live.

France—18,100 members, 5 stakes. A total of 24,000 French-speaking members reside in the French-speaking areas of Europe—France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Switzerland—6,500 members, 3 stakes, and 1 temple (in Zollikofen).

Hungary—400 members, 1 district.

Austria—3,500 members, 1 stake.

Czechoslovakia—400 members, 1 district.

Poland—200 members, 1 district.

Russia—300 members (of which 100 live in Estonia, to the west).

The nature of Church growth is described by Gary Browning, president of the Helsinki East Mission, which serves members of the Church in Russia: “I think some people thought droves of persons would join the Church once the gospel became available to citizens of Russia. Yes, there will be many members someday, but as in any land, the Church grows slowly. First, a lot of people find interest in it, find the Church has some fascination for them. But when they probe into it and find out that personal discipleship of Christ is the goal, then other things often begin to take precedence for some of them. The result is that when it is all shaken out, there is a residue of beautiful people, truly the salt of the earth, who have testimonies, who know the gospel is true, who want to live it, who will do anything righteous for it, and who know its power and impact in their lives. The gospel works here as it works anywhere else in the world: one person at a time making a covenant with the Lord to change his or her life and to progress with God.”