Responses of Single Adults Sought
September 1991

“Responses of Single Adults Sought,” Ensign, Sept. 1991, 79

Responses of Single Adults Sought

In an attempt to help Church leaders understand single members’ concerns, the Church’s Research Information Division is launching a study, under the sponsorship of the Priesthood Executive Council, of single adult Church members.

The research division plans to conduct personal interviews with single members. In preparation for those interviews, division personnel are interested in hearing from any single adult members who wish to share their thoughts and opinions on the key issues and concerns of LDS singles. Both those who have never married and those who are divorced or widowed are encouraged to write and share their experiences and feelings. Address letters to: Church Office Building, Research Information Division, Floor 18, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150. Responses will remain confidential and will not be published.