Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education
March 1991

“Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education,” Ensign, Mar. 1991, 73

Getting Involved in Your Child’s Education

Can you answer yes to most of the items listed below? If you can, you may be reasonable confident that you are helping your child enjoy his or her school experience.

  1. Do you display your children’s schoolwork?

  2. Do you keep a file of schoolwork and achievements for each child?

  3. Do you frequently ask children what they learned in school and listen to their answers?

  4. Do you see that children complete their homework? Do you help them when it is appropriate?

  5. Do you have the materials and supplies your children need for their schoolwork?

  6. Have you arranged a quiet place for your children to study?

  7. Do you emphasize the importance of attending school regularly and refrain from keeping children home unnecessarily?

  8. Do you emphasize a standard of achievement that is consistent with your child’s ability?

  9. Do you encourage your children to study with other children when appropriate?

  10. Do you attend parent-teacher conferences and other meetings for parents?

  11. Do you refrain from criticizing teachers, school policies, and school administration?

  12. Do you avoid making judgments when problems occur between your children and their teachers until you know both sides?

  13. Do you attend programs and activities in which your children are participating?—Church Welfare Services Department