Resources Available in Braille

    “Resources Available in Braille,” Ensign, Mar. 1991, 79

    Resources Available in Braille

    The Friend

    The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage

    Missionary discussions and study guides

    Joseph Smith’s Testimony pamphlet

    Stake Missionary Handbook

    Training program for stake missionaries

    Children’s songbook

    1985 hymnbook

    Hymns: Using the Hymnbook and Indexes

    Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study Guide

    Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership Handbook

    Relief Society Personal Study Guide

    Pursuit of Excellence pamphlet

    Book of Mormon

    Doctrine and Covenants

    Pearl of Great Price

    Bible Stories for Young Latter-day Saints

    Book of Mormon Reader

    Old and New Testament storybooks

    Sacrament prayers

    Sunday School Handbook

    Gospel Doctrine teacher’s manual and study guide

    My Kingdom Shall Roll Forth

    Young Women Personal Progress Book

    Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

    First Presidency messages

    Relief Society Visiting Teaching messages

    The thirteen Articles of Faith

    Index to audiocassettes