Expressing Love with Chocolate
July 1990

“Expressing Love with Chocolate,” Ensign, July 1990, 73

Expressing Love with Chocolate

He’s not in the chocolate business, but you might think he was. Wherever Robert Dowling goes, he shares English chocolate with the people he meets. President of the Lichfield England Stake and a businessman, Bob Dowling travels to the U.S. fairly frequently. His carry-on luggage is often so full of English chocolate that it weighs more than his suitcase.

The friends President Dowling makes through his gifts of chocolate often turn out to be lasting friendships, and he finds ways of keeping in touch with people. He has always made a practice of writing to the parents of full-time missionaries in his stake, thanking them for sharing their offspring. And of course, whenever he receives a reply, he attempts to meet the people in person and give them a bar of English chocolate.

When Bob Dowling is in a new area of the U.S., he always asks the bishop for the address of anyone who is struggling. He then pays a visit and leaves his usual. It’s a kind of sweet thing to do.—Anne C. Bradshaw, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England

Photo by Anne Bradshaw