Open House Draws Nearly 300,000
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“Open House Draws Nearly 300,000,” Ensign, Mar. 1990, 76

Open House Draws Nearly 300,000

Some 297,454 visitors toured the Las Vegas Nevada Temple during its three-week open house.

A large tent-like pavilion was erected north of the temple for the open house. The first area, through which all visitors passed as they entered the temple, housed displays explaining the history and purposes of temples. The other half of the pavilion was used by the Nevada Las Vegas Mission to greet people, show films, and explain about the Church. Mission president Gerald Scott said the message of those in the pavilion focused on the Savior.

More than 99,000 visitors chose to visit the missionary pavilion after touring the temple. Some 67,000 watched videos and heard missionary presentations. Missionaries reported that teaching opportunities throughout the Las Vegas valley tripled as a result of the open house. Hundreds of referral cards for other missions were collected.

Three hundred local members staffed the open house for each three-hour shift during the day.

The open house began with three days of special tours for government, religious, civic, professional, and business leaders, among them, Nevada’s governor and one of the state’s congressmen. Special tours were also offered for those who live near the temple, the press, and the blind and deaf.