LDS Scene
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“LDS Scene,” Ensign, Mar. 1990, 80

LDS Scene

GUATEMALA CITY—Two missionaries died in a boating accident on Wednesday, 3 January 1990. Elder Brian Bartholomew of Modesto, California, and Elder Adam Leach of Laguna Beach, California, presumably drowned. A third missionary, Elder Eric Lee Carter of McMinnville, Tennessee, survived the accident—swimming to shore after the boat they were in capsized on Lake Atitlan.

The three missionaries, serving in the Guatemala City North Mission, were on their way to obtain a birth record for a baptism.

MOSCOW, USSR—Barbara R. Wheeler, director of BYU’s School of Social Work, was elected leader of a group of twenty-three women who traveled to Moscow as part of an exchange between Soviet and American women. This event, sponsored by the Citizen Ambassador Program, was designed as a forum to discuss women’s roles in the two different societies.