First Grader

    “First Grader,” Ensign, Aug. 1989, 7

    First Grader

    She can draw, or maneuver pieces of a puzzle

    (Is it jigsaw, tinker, rubric?), and so confound

    Adults into an amazement through which, so profound,

    She cleverly saunters, neatly original, to nuzzle

    Up to Merlin in a primer book, though never to muzzle

    Any ilk of storyteller. Her feeling surely as sound

    As thinking, she considers backyard denizens bound

    By duties of affection, including birds and chuzzle-

    Wits. Neatly riding whatever crest (joy, bluegrass,

    Wind), she appoints discourse with dayspring blue,

    Lifting forward into fairest reasoning to surpass

    Our logic, offering violets to affluent us to sue

    For favors for various waifs. I say, in sobriety,

    That she will ever be president of a relief society.

    Photography by Steve Bunderson