International Academic Group Moving to BYU

“International Academic Group Moving to BYU,” Ensign, Aug. 1989, 80

International Academic Group Moving to BYU

The International Studies Association, a worldwide scholarly network representing about three thousand individuals and fifty-eight member countries, is planning to move its headquarters to Brigham Young University for a five-year term.

When the ISA moves in 1990, W. Ladd Hollist, a professor of political science at BYU, will become its executive director. Other staff members will be assigned to help Brother Hollist, on a full-time and half-time basis. The ISA offices will be located in the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies.

Brother Hollist said the ISA is organized into several research sections. Scholars interested in international law, political economy, education, environment, foreign policy, and other topics can work together through the organization.

Originally a North American organization, the ISA has developed over the past decade into a global institution. Among its member nations are the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, the German Democratic Republic, Israel, and the Republic of Korea.

Ray Hillam, director of the Kennedy Center, said the ISA move to BYU will give the LDS school “instant worldwide recognition as a university that is serious about scholarship in international studies.”