I Felt Their Prayers
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“I Felt Their Prayers,” Ensign, Aug. 1988, 69

I Felt Their Prayers

So often I had been on the “giving” end of prayers, asking Heavenly Father to bestow his blessings on my loved ones. After I said “amen” I would meditate briefly, then hop up and carry on with my day. I never considered how my prayers might affect others’ lives until I happened to be on the “receiving” end of many prayers.

I was pregnant with my third child, and was attempting to follow my doctor’s orders to take it easy. My husband was out of town, leaving me totally in charge of our two small children, when I suddenly became ill with a serious infection that endangered the life of my unborn child. Frightened, I called a neighbor and asked him to give me a blessing. He and the elders quorum president soon arrived, and as they administered to me, I felt the sweet presence of the Spirit. However, a visit to my doctor that afternoon caused me to worry again. I contemplated the possibility of losing the baby, and spent the rest of the day in tears.

But that night, my fears were replaced by the same comforting feeling I had experienced during the blessing, and I became aware of the concern felt by family members and friends who cared for me and wanted to see me and the baby healthy. I knew they were praying for me and that their prayers were being answered. I felt their love surround me and give me courage. This sweet feeling stayed with me until I finally regained my health.

Often, through the remainder of the pregnancy, people told me that they had prayed for me when I had been ill. I always replied, “Yes, I know you did.” And as I later held my healthy, newborn daughter, I reflected on the miracles that can come from prayer.

  • Diana Hudson teaches a Sunbeam class in the Anchorage Eleventh Ward, Anchorage Alaska North Stake.

Illustrated by Ondre Pettingill