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“Contents,” Ensign, Aug. 1988, 1


August 1988

Volume 18 Number 8

On the cover: Farmers in Niger harvest millet from a field sheltered by rows of trees. The tree windbreaks—part of a reforestation project sponsored by CARE and partially funded through Church members’ donations—has helped farmers stabilize erosion and increase agricultural production by as much as 30 percent. Photo courtesy of CARE.

Inside front cover: St. George, by Al Rounds, 27″ by 46″, watercolor, 1987. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Chamberlain. St. George about 1877, shortly after the temple was dedicated.

Inside back cover: Benbow Farm and Pond, by Frank Magelby, 36″ by 48″, oil, 1987. Selected for the 1987 Church Fine Arts Competition Show. Elder Wilford Woodruff was directed to this farm in Castle Frome, Herefordshire, on 4 March 1840. There he met John Benbow, an influential member of the United Brethren, who was baptized and then, with others, helped convert entire congregations of his church. Hundreds of those converts were baptized in this pond on his farm, which has changed little in the ensuing 150 years.