With an Eye on Her Family

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“With an Eye on Her Family,” Ensign, Mar. 1988, 36

With an Eye on Her Family

Art can suspend a moment in life, arresting it long enough that we may observe the familiar in different light and see it with new appreciation.

The works of the three LDS artists featured below train our eye on some aspect of family life. One painting honors the industrious, resourceful life of a grandmother; another painting captures proud parents reading a letter from their missionary son; and the third glimpses a busy mother taking time with little ones.

Grandma Harris Canning

Grandma Harris Canning, by Mark Buehner, executive secretary in the Brooklyn First Ward, New York New York East Stake: “Grandma Harris is an elect lady in our family. She left her posterity a priceless legacy of deep faith and love for hard work. Her desire to serve and her resourcefulness remained a hallmark of her personality to the very last days of her life. From her we all learned that peace comes from doing all we can to be prepared.”

Missionary Son

Missionary Son, by Vieonne Morley, Valiant B teacher in the Broomfield First Ward, Boulder Colorado Stake: “Light is essential in order for us to see at all. When I paint a still life or a landscape, the lighting on the subject is my emphasis. However, with the human form, I attempt to capture the light that comes from within the subject. Also, for me, sunlight signifies the light of Christ, our spiritual and physical source of life.”

Taking Time for Your Children

Taking Time for Your Children, by Lynne M. Weidinger, Beehive adviser in the Lakeview Third Ward, Orem Utah Lakeview Stake: “When a mother takes the time to share herself with her children, she is teaching them—whether she is reading to them, answering questions, singing songs, or going for a walk. The precious thing about these moments together is being together as completely as possible. Taking such time for children, of all ages, shows love in a way that nothing else can.”