Policies and Announcements
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“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Mar. 1988, 79

Policies and Announcements

The following items appeared in the 1987–7 Bulletin.

Terms of Service for Missionary Couples

Missionary couples may serve for either eighteen months or twelve months. Only those serving for eighteen months will be considered for assignments outside their native lands. A six-month term of service will be considered only for those in vocations such as agriculture, where opportunities to serve are limited by seasonal requirements.

The couple’s desire in regard to term of service should be clearly marked on the Missionary Resume for Couples and Single Women (PFMI0654), which is to be submitted for each couple or single sister.

Meetinghouse Bulletin Boards

Church policy specifies that items posted on meetinghouse bulletin boards are to be 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size or smaller. Items coming from Church headquarters will conform to this size. Strict adherence to this policy will ensure better communication of the notices posted and a neater appearance of the bulletin boards. It will also ensure that all who post items have an equal opportunity to use the available space.

As bulletin boards are located to be highly visible, they should convey an attitude on the part of members of order, neatness, and reverence to those who enter the meetinghouses. Unkempt, unsightly bulletin boards reflect negatively upon the Church and its members and can detract from an otherwise well-kept meetinghouse. Local leaders are to ensure that meetinghouse bulletin boards are kept neat and presentable and that items posted comply with Church policy.

The use of easels to display large posters or signs in meetinghouse foyers is discouraged.

General interest announcements can be included in the ward sacrament meeting program handout.

Yearly Outline of Sunday School Curriculum

The Yearly Outline of Sunday School Curriculum, available in the past, will no longer be published. The course titles for 1988 remain the same, with the exception of the Gospel Doctrine course, which will center on the Book of Mormon.

The supplemental courses remain the same and will be taught during the same quarters as in 1987.

The week-by-week lesson schedule that has been part of the Yearly Outline may be prepared locally for the use of teachers and meetinghouse librarians.

Temple Clothing

The distribution of temple clothing is under the direction of Beehive Clothing rather than the Relief Society. Please direct all orders for temple clothing to Beehive Clothing, P.O. Box 27287, Salt Lake City, Utah 84127. Please direct questions about temple clothing policy to your bishop or stake president, who may contact the Temple Department, if necessary, at 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.