Charting Our New Year’s Resolutions
January 1988

“Charting Our New Year’s Resolutions,” Ensign, Jan. 1988, 73

Charting Our New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, we sit down with each of our children and discuss his goals for the coming year. We help each select a few goals that are realistic according to his or her age and abilities.

Then, using graph paper, we prepare a chart for each goal in the shape of an object relating to that goal. For example, for practicing the piano each day, we draw a keyboard. For reading we use the shape of a book or a large letter R. We then glue all of the child’s charts onto a poster board on which we’ve attached a photograph of the child and written his name and the year. Each child decorates his poster with drawings, stickers, and stamps.

Our children enjoy marking off their progress by coloring a square on the charts. And having a visual reminder of their goals helps motivate them to keep working.—Fred D. Howard, Orem, Utah

Illustrated by Richard Brown