Policies and Announcements
January 1988

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, Jan. 1988, 78

Policies and Announcements

1988 Focus for Primary

During 1988, Church members will be studying the Book of Mormon. Primary curriculum will also focus on the Book of Mormon, culminating in a children’s sacrament meeting presentation at the end of the year titled “The Book of Mormon: A Witness of Jesus Christ.”

According to Primary General President Dwan J. Young, children will learn faith-promoting stories about Book of Mormon prophets and events by participating in sharing time and class presentations, activity days, and service projects. Children will learn new songs, including five new verses to the familiar song, “Book of Mormon Stories.” In one suggested activity, children will reenact Lehi’s journey to the promised land.

Sharing-time presentations might also include writing feelings about the scriptures in personal records (journals) and then abridging these records.

Parents and Primary leaders should work together to help children better understand the Book of Mormon by identifying important gospel principles in these scriptures. Families who read the Book of Mormon together will increase their children’s understanding of what they learn at Primary.