Grandma’s Christmas Busy Box

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“Grandma’s Christmas Busy Box,” Ensign, Dec. 1987, 65

Grandma’s Christmas Busy Box

Last November, my parents found out that many of their young grandchildren would be coming from far and near for Christmas. However, my mother now works outside the home and she felt frustrated because she didn’t have time to prepare fun things for them to do.

With that in mind, I created “Grandma’s Christmas Busy Box” and sent it to her about a month before Christmas. Some of the items I included were a Christmas apron for Grandma, along with two children’s aprons, cookie cutters, and a recipe for cut-out cookies (no refrigeration needed before baking); kits to make wooden ornaments, reindeer puppets, and Christmas games; Christmas storybooks; a recipe for clay; small teddy bears; Christmas coloring books and crayons; scissors, glue, construction paper, Christmas stickers, and old Christmas cards to cut up to make picture books.

The grandchildren were delighted! And Grandma said it was her most appreciated and well-used gift of the season.—Evelyn H. Ames, Provo, Utah

[photo] Photography by Craig Dimond