Midweek Activities for Young Women Emphasized

“Midweek Activities for Young Women Emphasized,” Ensign, Dec. 1987, 71–72

Midweek Activities for Young Women Emphasized

In conjunction with the Young Women fireside broadcast by satellite on October 18, Ardeth G. Kapp, Young Women general president, met with the Ensign to stress Church support for Young Women activities.

She emphasized the importance of regular midweek activities. “Parents should not view this activity as just another social night out. It is designed to bring young people together in an environment that will help them become spiritually strong and help build testimonies and relationships.”

Sister Kapp then pointed out that “young women are growing up at a time when the world would distract them from their purpose.” She noted that the media reinforces conflicting values and that today’s mobile society often removes support from aunts, uncles, and other family members.

Other problems facing young women include insecurities stemming from the desire to be popular and attractive. “If a young sister has weak self-esteem, she becomes vulnerable,” Sister Kapp said. “We hope to help them find a strong sense of identity as young women in the Church. We want them to recognize the value of being who they are.”

Sister Kapp urged Young Women leaders to plan activities with definite purposes in mind and to keep parents informed about the activities. “We are committed to assist in every appropriate way to help protect and strengthen young women.

“There are events each year to which parents are invited,” she said, adding that the young sisters should be encouraged to make these invitations and urge their parents to attend.

She also emphasized the need for enough adults to provide a strong support system and to help handle the increased activities.