Twelve New Missions Formed
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“Twelve New Missions Formed,” Ensign, June 1987, 76

Twelve New Missions Formed

Between the end of 1986 and July 1987, twelve new missions will have been approved in nine different countries, bringing the total number of missions worldwide to 205.

The new missions in the United States, formed from existing missions, are New Hampshire Manchester, New Jersey Morristown, and Florida Jacksonville.

In Mexico, the new missions are Mexico Mexico City East, which is already in operation, and Mexico Mazatlan. Other new missions include Brazil Fortaleza, Dominican Republic Santiago, Portugal Porto, Philippines Cebu East, Spain Bilbao, Zaire Kinshasa, and Zimbabwe Harare. The eleven new missions not yet in operation will begin operating 1 July 1987.

While announcing the creation of the twelve new missions, the Missionary Department also said the Nauvoo Illinois Mission will be discontinued as of June 1; the missionaries serving there will continue to serve at Nauvoo but under the administration of the Illinois Peoria Mission.

The 205 missions which will be operating as of July 1 include the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.