Bible Lands Photo, Map Book Offered
May 1987

Bible Lands Photo, Map Book Offered,” Ensign, May 1987, 108

Bible Lands Photo, Map Book Offered

Bible Lands, a 128-page book containing photographs, maps, and commentary about the Holy Land and Egypt, will be available in April from the Salt Lake Distribution Center.

The many full-color photographs include beautiful scenic aerial and ground views, as well as sixteen pages of panoramic views taken from manned space shuttles. The space shuttle photos encompass large geographic areas and place biblical landmarks in modern perspective.

Detailed maps show early boundaries and accurately locate both historical and modern sites.

In addition to identifying many biblical sites, the book provides references to related scriptures. Bible Lands is intended as a companion guide to aid scripture studies at church or at home.

The book helps illustrate the relationship between the teachings in the Bible and the land that was the setting for biblical events. An alphabetical index provides access to the name of every significant site mentioned in the book.

Bible Lands (stock no. PBIC0562) is $10.50.