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“Contents,” Ensign, May 1987, 3


May 1987

Volume 17 Number 5

On the cover: And Jesus Healed Them, by James J. Tissot.

Inside front cover: The Sermon on the Mount, by James J. Tissot.

Inside back cover: Jesus Leaves Jerusalem for Bethany, by James J. Tissot.

Photography in this issue features scenes of conference and paintings by James J. Tissot of scenes from the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tissot, 1836–1902, was a French painter who, toward the end of his life, published the Tissot Bible, illustrated with 865 paintings derived from studies he made in Palestine. All conference photography is by Audiovisual Planning and Development, Photo Section: Eldon K. Linschoten, Marty Mayo, and Jed A. Clark. Additional photography by Douglas James, Craig Moyer, and Phillip Shurtleff.