Go Fly a Kite

“Go Fly a Kite,” Ensign, Apr. 1987, 71–72

Go Fly a Kite

One of the best family home evening activities we have had was a kite-flying contest. We met our children and grandchildren late one afternoon at a turf farm where there were wide open spaces and no trees or electric wires to snag our strings. Each family brought at least one kite, and some brought several. No two were alike—there were different shapes, sizes, and colors; some were purchased and some homemade.

Many of the children—and even some of the grownups—had never flown a kite, so launching each one was a thrill. After getting all the kites in the air (a challenge!), we relaxed and enjoyed seeing how high they would fly. Some kites soared almost out of view; one nearly collided with high-flying birds. The children lay on the grass, clinging tightly to the strings and watching their kites glide to and fro in the breezes above.

When all the kites were down, we topped off the afternoon with kite-shaped sugar cookies and punch. Our family had so much fun that afternoon that we encourage all families to “go fly a kite.”—Wanda West Badger, Salt Lake City, Utah