Annual Bishop’s Interview Required of BYU Students

“Annual Bishop’s Interview Required of BYU Students,” Ensign, Apr. 1987, 75

Annual Bishop’s Interview Required of BYU Students

The Board of Trustees of Brigham Young University has approved new provisions to reinforce the Student Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement Program instituted in 1980.

Under the new guidelines, all students must have an interview each year with the bishop of the ward in which they live while attending BYU. During the interview, the bishop will complete a “Continuing Ecclesiastical Endorsement” form indicating the student’s commitment to abide by BYU’s code of honor and its dress and grooming standards.

“This program is designed to help students more fully recognize the spiritual purposes of Brigham Young University by providing for an annual review of and recommitment to the standards of worthiness, which the Church and our board of trustees have established,” said Maren M. Mouritsen, assistant executive vice-president and dean of Student Life at BYU.

The program also helps bishops and students maintain better contact in wards where there is typically a high turnover rate from year to year.

Students are responsible to see that the completed form is submitted to the Student Life Office, 380 SWKT, BYU, Provo, Utah, 84602, by April 6 in order to be able to register for fall semester.

Students who are not members of the LDS Church will have interviews with ecclesiastical leaders of their faith, or they can arrange for an interview by contacting the BYU Office of Student Life, (801) 378-4771. Questions about the new program should be directed to the same office.